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4 Days, 4 Ways: Beyond the Lakes

Don’t let the name fool you, Georgia’s Lake Country has a plethora of experiences to offer beyond the lakes of Oconee and Sinclair. Whether you’re looking for exercise, sunshine, or simply to enjoy nature, we’ve got you covered.

Discover our four communities favorite ways to go beyond the lakes in four days in Georgia’s Lake Country.

1. Madison

Couple with horses at Southern Cross Guest Ranch.

Southern Cross Guest Ranch: Excited to do more off the lake? There’s no need to hold your horses, because there is a lot to explore such as Southern Cross Guest Ranch in Madison. Dive into an authentic dude ranch that offers morning and afternoon rides to visitors and overnight guests every day. Bring your own horse or saddle up one of theirs and enjoy miles of trails.

Madison-Morgan Meander’s Farm Route: Grab your bike or car keys to embark on the farmland around Madison with the Madison-Morgan Meander. The Meander gives visitors a chance to explore more by terrain challenge or interest. One of our favorites is the Farm Route, where cyclists pedal past historic farmland and have the opportunity to stop and enjoy beloved farm locations. People may even choose to stop for a tour of Rock House Creamery or to have a seasonal u-pick experience at CJ Orchards.

2. Greensboro

Golf at Reynolds Lake Oconee: The golf experiences at Reynolds Lake Oconee combine variety, challenge and pure joy with a rare collection of courses that reflects each architect’s passion and character. Together, these iconic figures form a “Mount Rushmore” of golf architects, with their creative likenesses molded into every fairway, bunker and green at Reynolds.

Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds: With an exquisite topography surrounded by hills and forests, the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds is the perfect scenic location for your next adventure. Woven into 100 acres of beautiful countryside, our pristine grounds feature an unmatched multifaceted selection of shooting challenges and sporting endeavors.

3. Eatonton

Butterflies and Blooms in the Briar Patch: Located just outside of historic downtown Eatonton, Butterflies and Blooms in the Briarpatch features five acres of green space for a variety of flowers (both perennials and annuals), plants, and various unique insects who call the park home. There is a quarter-mile soft walking track around the gardens that provides visitors of all ages the opportunity to take a peaceful walk around multiple water features and natural boggy areas. Community volunteers maintain the park and the programs that periodically occur on the grounds.

Rock Eagle: Rock Eagle 4-H Center, a property operated by the University of Georgia, offers extensive outdoor education programs that provide team building and learning opportunities to thousands of regional campers each year. The services at the expansive Rock Eagle 4-H Center complex range from interactive historic exhibitions to a high ropes course on the property.

4. Milledgeville

Lockerly Arboretum: Whether you are interested in horticulture, botany, or simply enjoy being in nature, walking at Lockerly Arboretum offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a chance to connect with the outdoors, appreciate the beauty of carefully curated gardens, and enjoy a peaceful stroll through a lovely landscape in Milledgeville, Georgia. The mile-long trail is completely paved and visitors can drive the loop or walk it. There are restrooms on-site as well as a picnic area near the pond in the center of the trail.  Looking for more trails in Milledgeville? See the full list. 

Pickleball at Walter B. Williams Park: Play pickleball in Milledgeville! Walter B. Williams Park has 8 pickleball courts open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., these courts are new additions to the recreation complex and ready for play. The Milledgeville Pickleball Club offers club play multiple times a week where guests can expect to play with 20-40 community members.  The courts are about 15 minutes from the lake area and only a short drive to downtown Milledgeville where you can grab a bite to eat and relax after a match.